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Be part of all that HOSA has to offer. Running For National Office

Take a few moments to remember all the goals and aspirations you have had throughout your life. Think of the times when you wanted to accomplish something but there was always something or someone holding you back. For once, would you like to have an opportunity to fulfill your goal and have it be your own decision. Consider the following questions. Have you ever wanted to do something that would give you the opportunity to make a difference? Have you ever had an opportunity to make decisions that would affect thousands of Americans? Do you want the opportunity to lead others into the future of health care? With these questions in mind, have you ever considered being a national officer for the HOSA?

It may seem that being a national officer is too large of a role. However, if you have ever considered running for an office, then you have already conquered the biggest obstacle. But why should anyone run for national office? You already know the answer to this question. The answer lies in your own personal beliefs, goals and aspirations. Maybe you want an ultimate experience in leadership before you enter college. Maybe you want an opportunity to meet and listen to the members of HOSA from across the nation. Perhaps you want an opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills and make HOSA an even larger part of your life. On the other hand, you might be on the road to graduation from college and you would like to have a professional experience before entering the workforce.

Whatever your reasoning may be, the most important thing to remember is that HOSA offers all its members so many different opportunities. HOSA offers its members the opportunity for knowledge. If you would like to run for national office, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about competitive events, health care and the people you will be able to serve. HOSA also gives everyone the opportunity to create and utilize individual skill. For example, if you are in attendance at the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA, and are running for national office, you will have the opportunity to strengthen your skills in communication and public speaking. And, if you are a national officer for HOSA you will have an opportunity for leadership. As a national officer you will have the opportunity of a lifetime. National officers are the ambassadors to this great student lead organization. National officers have made the decision to gain knowledge, skill and leadership. National officers have also made the decision to overcome obstacles and serve on the highest leadership position HOSA has to offer. Be part of all that HOSA has to offer.

Believe in yourself and make the decision of a lifetime because this is a decision that can only be made by one person.You. Make the decision to be a national officer for HOSA and create a great future with HOSA, health care and you. Just remember that the biggest obstacle to overcome is making the decision to run for national office.

Ask your state advisor for a copy of the National Officer Candidate Packet - and don't miss the deadline to apply!



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