Competitive Event Useful Tools

18-19 CE Preview PowerPoint

17- 18 CE Competitive Events Update

17- 18: What Competitive Event is Right for You?

17-18 Event Characteristics Profile

17-18 Gotta Have It Chart - Competitor Version

17-18 Middle School Events

17-18 Competitive Event Codes

17-18 Medical Reading Books

17-18: Master Competitive Event Resource List

Medical Reading List History

Competitive Event Samples

HOSA Week Ideas

HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 32 Competitors

HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 16 Competitors

HOSA Bowl Seeding Chart - 8 Competitors

Curriculum Resources

National Health Science Standards Competitive Events Crosswalk 

Common Career Technical Core Crosswalk

Competitive Events and the Common Core State Standards

HOSA--Project Lead The Way Biomedical Science Curriculum Crosswalk

HOSA--Project Lead The Way Middle School Crosswalk

NAF Academy of Health Sciences Curriculum Crosswalk

STEM Crosswalk