HOSA Handbook Section B


  • 4/6/15 - Epidemiology - Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases link has been updated in the guidelines

  • 2/20/15 - Public Health - Clarification that battery operated items are not allowed in Round 1 (with the exception of electronic notecards).

  • 2/4/15 - Medical Photography Clarification: Written narrative is a typed, narrative desciption about the professional in the photo.

  • 1/30/15 - Epidemiology CDC Disaster Epidemiology and Assessment link was updated.

  • 1/12/15 Updates

    • Health Career Display Clarification: Batteries may not be used

    • Medical Photography Clarification: Subject(s) grant permission for their photographs to be used for competition

    • CERT Skills Clarification: NIMS was removed from the test plan to align with the change in resource. Victim tags may be pre-printed.

    • Showcases have been removed from the following events: Community Awareness, Clinical Specialty, Extemporaneous Health Poster, Health Education, Healthy Lifestyle, MRC Partnership and PSA

    • Nursing Assisting Procedure I has been updated

  • 1/8/15 - Personal Care Procedure IV has been updated

  • 12/5/14 - Sterile surgical gloves were added as a competitor-provided supply for Biomedical Laboratory Science

  • 11/3/14 - Outstanding HOSA Chapter - rating sheet (page 7) has editorial changes.

  • 10/31/14 - Medical Assisting Procedure VII (Test Urine with Reagent Strip) has been revised.

  • 9/30/14 - Barbara James Service Award, MRC Volunteer Recognition and National Service Project guidelines are posted. The HOSA Activity Tracking System has replaced NobleHour to record volunteer hours. Refer to the Member and Advisor Instruction Sheets for step-by-step instructions.

  • 9/30/14 - Researched Persuasive Speaking has been updated. Cover page information has been updated, the statement of work page has been deleted and a contact sport has been defined.

  • 9/29/14 - Biomedical Laboratory Science Procedure III rating sheet has been updated.

  • 9/26/14 - Public Health has been updated. Further clarification of the topic has been included.

  • 9/23/14 - Knowledge Test has been updated. Two (2) pieces of blank paper will be provided for KT Pharmacology. 

  • 9/23/14 - Extemporaneous Writing has been updated. Clarification that internet use is NOT allowed. 

  • 9/11/14 - American Red Cross, Dog First Aid has been added to the resource list for Veterinary Science.

  • 9/4/14 - Epidemiology resource links updated.

  • 8/18/14 - Creative Problem Solving has been re-posted. Clarification that electronic notecards are NOT allowed in this event.

Event Updates:

General Rules and Regulations

Health Science Events

Dental Terminology Medical Spelling Medical Terminology
Medical Math Medical Reading

Knowledge Tests

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Pathophysiology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Transcultural Health Care

Health Professions Events

Biomedical Laboratory Science Clinical Nursing Clinical Specialty
Dental Science Home Health Aide

Medical Assisting

     Health History Form 

     Medical Office Registration Form

Nursing Assisting *Personal Care Physical Therapy
Sports Medicine Veterinary Science  

Emergency Preparedness Events

CERT Skills CPR/First Aid Emergency Medical Technician
Epidemiology *Life Support Skills MRC Partnership
Public Health    

Leadership Events

Extemporaneous Health Poster Extemporaneous Writing Healthy Lifestyle
*Interviewing Skills Job Seeking Skills Medical Photography
Prepared Speaking Researched Persuasive Speaking *Speaking Skills

Teamwork Events

Biomedical Debate Community Awareness Creative Problem Solving
Forensic Medicine Health Career Display Health Education
HOSA Bowl Medical Innovation (Pilot Event) Parliamentary Procedure
Public Service Announcement    

Recognition Events

Barbara James Service Award

MRC Volunteer Recognition

National Service Project

Healthcare Issues Exam

HOSA Happenings

Outstanding HOSA Chapter

Outstanding State Leader    

Appendices and Resources

Appendix A CE Multiple Sections

Appendix B Inquiry Procedure

Appendix C Orientation Proxy Form

Appendix D Event Manager's Information - Written Test

Appendix E Icon Table

Appendix F Dress Code for Competitive Events

Appendix G Demos and Pilots

Appendix H Victim/Patient Instructions

Appendix I  How to Break a Tie in Competitive Events

Appendix J Cell Phone Policy

* Must be classified under the provision of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 Public Law 105-17.