HOSA Handbook Section B

Event Updates:

4/2/14 – National Service Project – HOSA’s contact for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been changed and is listed in the revised guidelines.

12/16/2013 – Biotechnology – Editorial corrections to steps #11 and #14 for Procedure III: Inoculate and Streak Agar Plate.

12/9/2013 – All events that use Simmer’s DHO Health Science as a resource – This textbook is widely used in HOSA skill events.   A new version was released after the event guidelines were finalized and posted online.  The new resource will be used in the development of test items, and the existing skill rating sheets that were published in the guidelines in July 2013 will continue to be used through the 2014 NLC.  Any appropriate skill updates will be made to the guidelines AFTER the 2014 NLC.

12/2/2013 – Barbara James Service Award and MRC Volunteer Recognition – the requirement to document volunteer hours within one week of volunteering has been deleted.  HOSA members are encouraged to join their chapter (group) on NobleHour.com and document all service learning hours or hours in cooperation with the MRC that occurred after June 1, 2013.

11/13/13 – Health Career Display – Clarification: the display and/or items used as part of the display may not include any of the following:  electronics, computers, electricity, electrical power, battery power, or any device with an on/off switch.  The display MUST use a single wall tri-fold presentation display board that measures 48” x 36” unfolded, in any color, made of foam or corrugated.

8/28/2013 – Hyperlinks have been added to resources in the event guidelines.  To find a specific event text resource or web resource, you can now click on the link in the event guidelines, or find a complete list at http://www.hosa.org/node/118

8/25/2013 – The Barbara James Service Project Guidelines are now posted. 

8/1/2013 – The 2013-2014 Competitive Event Guidelines are now updated for the 2013-2014 year. 

General Rules and Regulations

Health Science Events

Dental Terminology Medical Spelling Medical Terminology
Medical Math Medical Reading

Knowledge Tests

  • Human Growth and Development
  • Pathophysiology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Transcultural Health Care

Health Professions Events

Biotechnology Clinical Nursing Clinical Specialty
Dental Science Home Health Aide

Medical Assisting

     Form CMS 1500

Nursing Assisting *Personal Care Physical Therapy
Sports Medicine Veterinary Science  

Emergency Preparedness Events

CERT Skills CPR/First Aid Emergency Medical Technician
Epidemiology *Life Support Skills MRC Partnership
Public Health    

Leadership Events

Extemporaneous Health Poster Extemporaneous Writing Healthy Lifestyle
*Interviewing Skills Job Seeking Skills Medical Photography
Prepared Speaking Researched Persuasive Speaking *Speaking Skills

Teamwork Events

Biomedical Debate Community Awareness Creative Problem Solving
Forensic Medicine Health Career Display Health Education
HOSA Bowl Parliamentary Procedure Public Service Announcement

Recognition Events

Barbara James Service Award

Health Care Issues Exam HOSA Happenings

MRC Volunteer Recognition

National Service Project

Outstanding HOSA Chapter

Outstanding State Leader    

Appendices and Resources

Appendix A CE Multiple Sections

Appendix B Inquiry Procedure

Appendix C Orientation Proxy Form

Appendix D Event Manager's Information - Written Test

Appendix E Icon Table

Appendix F Dress Code for Competitive Events

Appendix G Demos and Pilots

Appendix H Victim/Patient Instructions

Appendix I  How to Break a Tie in Competitive Events

* Must be classified under the provision of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 Public Law 105-17.