Competitive Events Guidelines

CE Updates 2016-17

4/2/17  Information regarding uploading size for STEM PREMIER events have been added to the appropriate guidelines.

1/4/17  MR:  The publisher of First Woman Doctor:  The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell, MD is working on continued printing rights.  Currently the book is available through Amazon from third party sellers.

1/4/17  NA & PC:  The discharge checklist for Discharging a Patient is included below.

10/23/16  CP:  On the CPR Infant Skills X & XI, the EMS arrival has been clarified as ending point for CPR.

10/17/16 - PC:  Guidelines have been updated to omit orange stick and add hand brush to equipment competitors will bring.  Equipment checklist updated to better align with NA guidelines.   

10/6/16 - HCD: Guidelines have been updated to correctly align rubric with Rule #8 (measurement of display).

9/16/16 - EMT:   The Cardiac Arrest Management/AED Skill has been aligned with NREMT and the new American Heart Association guidelines.

9/13/16 - PSA: Sample questions to be addressed in PSA have been added to the guidelines for clarification.

HOSA Handbook Section B: The General Rules and Regulations for each of the events is located in this part of the Handbook.  Be sure to read this in its entirety before you compete in any HOSA competitive events. 

Health Science Events

Health Professions Events

Emergency Preparedness Events

Leadership Events

Teamwork Events

Recognition Events

Instruction Sheets


Appendices and Resources

Appendix A CE Multiple Sections

Appendix B Inquiry Procedure

Appendix C Orientation Proxy Form

Appendix D Written Test Instructions

Appendix E Icon Table

Appendix F Dress Code for Competitive Events

Appendix G Demos and Pilots

Appendix H Victim/Patient Instructions

Appendix I  How to Break a Tie in Competitive Events

Appendix J Cell Phone/SMART Device Policy

* Must be classified under the provision of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997 Public Law 105-17.