HOSA Presents at 2013 EMS World Expo

In partnership with NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians), the 2013 EMS World Expo offered an innovative and dynamic education program at the largest EMS event in North America, September 8-12, Las Vegas, Nevada. The goal was to make superior education and learning accessible and affordable to the greatest number of EMS providers. With the current changes in healthcare reform and the provision of public safety and EMS being held under closer scrutiny by both the public and politicians, the need for providers to be prepared to meet the challenges ahead is more important than ever before.
HOSA–Future Health Professionals was honored to provide a presentation at the NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians) Foundation Board of Directors meeting and participate in other events preceding the opening session. HOSA representatives enjoyed time networking and sharing the HOSA story with attendees at the 2013 EMS World Expo and National Association of EMT Foundation meetings.  A special thank you to Jane Shovlin, AZ HOSA State Advisor and HOSA Chair-elect and representatives from the Rancho High School Pre-medicine/EMT program and local HOSA Chapter, Las Vegas, Nevada, Shelly Kinnunen, advisor and students Sharmaene Dalupan and Steven Aiken!
HOSA’s partner, the NAEMT Foundation has a mission is to build the future of emergency medical services and provide funding for EMS education and research. This partnership is valuable in creating support for HOSA through workshops, judges and exhibits at state and national conferences.  The NAEMT-Foundation and HOSA seek to develop members with career goals to become EMRs and EMTs who have a commitment to enter the EMS profession, a dedication to the community, and an ability to serve as a positive ambassador to the EMS profession.