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HOSA is pleased to provide access to the official HOSA-Future Health Professionals brand. The style guide should be referred to when using the HOSA brand. Links to download the fonts to be used with the new brand are included below as well. 

HOSA Future Health Professionals Brand Style Guide

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Below you will find the HOSA: Future Health Professionals Brand in multiple formats



2019-2020 HOSA-Future Health Professionals Theme: "Towards Tomorrow!”

Medical professions are always aimed at the future when it comes to enhancing patient care, medicine, and prevention. The industry is dependent on innovation, dedication and inspiration from individuals with a passion for heath.

With the biological makeup of humans as the foundation for medicine, molecular structures are the basis for HOSA-Future Health Professionals’ 2019-2020 theme. Neon lights guide the way to progress, while the font and color scheme harness and emphasize the notion of direction and moving forward. Reaching goals requires commitment, hard work and deliberate direction.

Future health professionals--focus on innovation, be dedicated, inspire others and continue striving TOWARDS TOMORROW!