CVS Health Careers

HOSA is excited to partner with CVS Health to offer job opportunities for HOSA members.  CVS Health has many diverse career opportunities for all levels of employment.  To learn more, please visit

HOSA members interested in careers at CVS Health should apply online at CVS Health Jobs and follow these directions:

  • Please filter the attached spreadsheet(s) to your specific areas.
  • Scroll down and use the available search criteria to locate available openings.
  • Ask the candidate to apply to specific locations indicated on the spreadsheet(s).
  • Ask the candidate to enter Community Based Organization in the CBO Referral field of the application when prompted.
  • Ask the candidate to type in CVS Health Workforce Initiatives into the space provided for the CBO name followed by 8074. This is a uniqe identifier for our team to recognize any referrals resulting from our partnership.
  • Once they have applied online, please ask them to follow-up with the Hiring Managers at each of the locations that they applied to, preferably in person.
  • When the candidate has applied, please email your CVS Health Workforce Initiatives Manager to follow-up on th the status of your referred candidate along with the Candidate Reference Number that they were assigned during the application process.

There are also brochures designed to assist candidates to prepare and complete the virtual job tryout section of the application for both Retail and Specialty positions.