Ideagen Annual Global Goals 2030 Empowering Women & Girls Summit

HOSA-Future Health Professionals was invited to send representatives to Ideagen’s Annual Global Goals 2030 Empowering Women & Girls Summit held at the United Nations, September 13, in New York City.

Those representing HOSA were:
- Janet Villarreal, 2019 Chair, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors
- Kimberly Spivey, Senior Director of Advancement, HOSA-Future Health Professionals 
- Sarah Fleischman, Former International HOSA President, 2017-2019 Executive Council Member, HOSA Alumni Member
- State Officers and local members from New York HOSA (Ashley Adhar, Azra Hossain, Sonia Jong, Raidah Nasiri, Michelle Nguyen and Suraiya Anisa) led by Dr. Margaret Savitsky 

The day-long summit was aimed at discussing challenges and solutions across sectors to empower women and girls for future generations around the globe. Mrs. Villareal and Sarah were also invited to speak on PowerPanels. They each shared how HOSA’s mission of empowering leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience is successfully achieved. Other PowerTalks and PowerPanels were led by speakers such as Gretchen O’Hara, Microsoft VP of Marketing; Sharon Price John, Build-A-Bear President and CEO; and, Dr. Lisa Coleman, Senior Vice President, Inclusion and Strategic Innovation New York University. Sarah’s panel hosted sisters, Talia and Mimi Ryder, West Side Story (2020) directed by Steven Spielberg and Young Elsa in Frozen: The Broadway Musical, respectively. 

Other speakers at the Summit included HOSA-100 member Patricia Cornet, Director Global Scientific Societies and Cooperative Groups, Global Medical Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Co-founder & Vice President of Women of Color in Pharma (WOCIP) and Limbitless Solutions President and Co-Founder, Dr. Albert Manero. Ideagen’s Global Chairman and CEO, George Sifakis, serves as Director of HOSA’s Washington D.C. Office. 

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is grateful for the opportunity to share our mission and hear from insightful global leaders to further inspire our 250,000 future health professionals!