2020 HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors Elects Officers

The HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors conducted its annual election of Board officers on Saturday, January 11 and elected Jason Huff, former Executive Council member, Alumnus and Industry Representative as its 2020 Board Chairman.  Also elected were:  Dana Stringer (Alabama State Advisor and Alumnus), Chair-Elect; and Jim Scott (Ohio State Advisor), Board Secretary.  Also remaining as a member of the Executive Council is Janet Villarreal (Texas State Advisor), Immediate Past President.

Jason Huff, MSN, RN, FNKR, Vice President of Transplant Services at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Chairman, HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors. Jason began his HOSA career in 1992 as a local HOSA member before serving as the Indiana HOSA President (1993-1995) and Secondary Member-At-Large on HOSA's National Executive Council (1994-1995).  Jason has remained an active HOSA alumnus at the national level as well as providing leadership to Ohio HOSA where he serves as Chair of the Ohio HOSA State Advisory Council.

Dana Stringer, Alabama HOSA State Advisor, was elected as Chair-Elect.  Dana has served at nearly every level of the organization beginning her HOSA career as a local chapter member in the 1980s before serving as a HOSA local chapter advisor (2000-2014) until her the current role as the Alabama Education Specialist, HOSA State Advisor, PLTW Biomed State Lead. Dana has been instrumental in promoting health science education in the classroom and has grown Alabama's state membership by 97.8%

Jim Scott, Ohio HOSA State Advisor, has been serving HOSA since 2017. He is no stranger to CTE and CTSO’s having served the Agriculture Education community as a classroom teacher and as a State Advisor in Ohio and South Carolina. Jim has brought consistent leadership to Ohio HOSA which has grown 70% since his arrival. Jim is excited about the opportunity to serve the HOSA membership as the Eastern Region State Advisor Board Representative and Secretary of the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors.

Janet Villarreal, Texas HOSA State Advisor, serves on the Executive Committee as the Immediate Past Chair.  Ms. Villarreal has been serving HOSA since 1994, where she began as a local chapter advisor at United South and United North High Schools and, in 2006, became the Texas HOSA State Advisor, where she continues to lead the nation’s largest chartered association with nearly 40,000 members.  Previously, Janet was a registered radiologic technologist at Doctor’s Hospital in Laredo, Texas. 

HOSA welcomed four newly elected Health Industry Board Representatives and three Alumni Representatives at this year’s 2020 HOSA, Inc. Board meeting including:  

New Health Industry Board Representatives

Sarah Sexton Walters (not in attendance due to the arrival of her new son)

HOSA-100 National Advisory Council
Michael Manyak, MD

United States Public Health Service 
Captain David Lau 

Medicine, Nursing or Allied Health
Marcus Henderson 

New Alumni Representatives

Medical, Dental, Nursing, Public Health or Pharmacy Health Professional
Kelly Roe 

Allied Health Professional
Health Treadway 

Health Science Post-Graduate or Fellowship Program
William-Bernard Reid-Varley, MD, MPH

HOSA, Inc. Board Meeting Highlights:

Capital Campaign Fund– A Task Force for the Capital Campaign Fund will be formed to provide oversight of the HOSA Capital Campaign. HOSA will do an alumni mailing to gauge the interest and feasibility of recruiting alumni to help fund the HOSA Capital Campaign.  The purpose of the Capital Campaign Fund is to purchase or build a headquarters for the International Center for HOSA-Future Health Professionals.  The intent is to schedule the opening of the new headquarters in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary during the 2026 International Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

The HOSA Foundation for Future Health Professionals, Inc.– The Board of Directors approved to activate the Foundation that was established in 1983 and provide initial operating funds to be repaid to HOSA, Inc. and be self-sustaining no later than January 15, 2022.

Baltimore (Inner Harbor) Future ILC Destination Site– If an acceptable agreement can be finalized with the Baltimore Convention Center that is felt will accommodate the ILC delegates at the general sessions for 2024 and 2027, Baltimore will be the preferred site for the 2024 and 2027 International Leadership Conferences. 

Global Health Seminars– The Board of Directors moved to partner with China HOSA to explore the feasibility of hosting global health seminars in Shanghai or elsewhere in Asia where HOSA members will be provided unique experiential activities and learn more about East / West medicine.  These medical service-learning opportunities would be available to all HOSA members.

HOSA’s Plan of Work– HOSA’s 2020 Plan of work was approved.  If interested in a copy, please email karen.koeninger@hosa.org.

If you have questions regarding any of the above highlights or request additional information regarding other motions of the HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, contact Jim Koeninger at jim.koeninger@hosa.org.