On-Demand Learning Opportunities

Classroom Activities and Lesson Ideas

Pre-recorded videos and lessons are now available “on-demand” for local HOSA advisors/health science instructors and HOSA members for classroom instruction and competition support! These are a free resource being made available by HOSA-Future Health Professionals to help HOSA advisors cope in the virtual world of teaching with HOSA activities. New lessons will be added continually. Most recent update made Feb 19, 2021.


ANATOMY WEBSITE:  Someone shared this site today, and it is awesome.  Check it out:  https://instituteofhumananatomy.com/videos/

HIGHLIGHTING TWO CLASS ACTIVITES & ONE LINK FOR ADVISORS:  Recent ACTE Newsletter shared the following site with ready to go lessons for DNA Decoding:  https://dnadecoded.org/educator-resources.html and the following site  to assist in students in reading text:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/10owng_qRe2WEsrdvfT7JNnv8mrrs8x2q/view

NEW LINK: At home WBL lessons to guide students by SBCoROP https://www.pinterest.com/a4e0004/_created/


AMSUS Conference is an awesome opportunity for HOSA members and Advisors. A full summary on the virtual conference can be found here. The conference content will be available online until 12.24.2020.  To view recommended presentations that will be helpful to HOSA members in a variety of curriculum areas, click here.


Digital Health Technology in a COVID-19 World

COVID 19 & Biological Threats - Rapid Vaccine

Dr. Adams - Weathering and Allostatic Loading

Together, Ending the HIV Epidemic

Telehealth for COVID-19 & Beyond

For HOSA Competitors

Why HOSA: Hear from Alumni: How Participating in HOSA and Competitive Events Helps Students

HOSA Testimonials

Which HOSA Competitive Event is Right For You?

HOSA CE Guidelines – What’s Important?


For HOSA Advisors

So, Your World Has Changed?  So Has HOSA’s.  Here’s What is New.  How HOSA Can Help You!

Mini Lesson: HOSA and Online Project-Based Learning

Mini Lesson: Career Exploration

Mini Lesson: History & Future of Medicine

Mini Lesson: Medical Law & Ethics

 HOSA Website: Scavenger Hunt


Mini Lesson: Infection Control

Mini Lesson: Communication Skills

Mini Lesson: HIPAA

Mini Lesson: Endocrine System / Diabetes

Mini Lesson: Job Seeking Skills

Mini Lesson: Leadership Skills

Mini Lesson: Pregnancy

Mini Lesson: Newborn Assessment

Mini Lesson: Cranial Nerves

Mini Lesson: Vital Signs

WHO Vaccine Series

Mini Lesson: Cardiovascular


Mini Lesson: Imposter Syndrome


Mini Lesson: Vaping

Mini Lesson: Health Disparities to Health Equity



Growth & Development

Mini Lessons:  Student Engagement Strategies - Classroom strategies like bell ringers, brain breaks, station work, study games, websites, and more resources to implement in the health science classroom! 


This content has the support of HOSA-Future Health Professionals and is the vision of Jan Mould and Carie Staub who both serve as Assistant Directors of HOSA's Competitive Events Program and, together, they have nearly 50 years of health science classroom, education, and HOSA advisor experience.

(Content last updated February 19,2021).